About me (and the words on this here blog)

My name is Anna Trevelyan and I have a problem. I talk too much, so when I have nobody to listen to my prattle I like to write it down.

Thanks for reading this blog. There’s a bit of parenting in there, a bit of hot topic discussion, but mostly just my own ridiculous thoughts and experiences.

Sadly I’m not that young any more, though I feel like I am about 12. I think it’s acceptable for me to flounce about in frilly skirts, tight t-shirts and inappropriately sparkly shoes – but surely my Mum will therefore be quite cross with me because I have had a baby (far too young – or am I)? The truth is I’m actually in a weird limbo of being far too old for radio 1, yet too young for Radio 2. It’s an odd place to be, rejected by BBC radio, but not to worry – I’ll probably fill the silence with the sound of my own voice.

Please note all views are my own and not those of my employers, clients or friends.


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